They’re Growing Up

It has really hit me tonight that my students are growing up and will soon leave the comfort and safety of high school to do great things. I selfishly want to keep them forever.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be with the same group of students for their entire high school career in a class called Teams. During our time together we have become more than a team, we are a family.

They went from annoying freshmen that I felt I just had to endure to get through the day, to some of my very favorite people. As a whole, they are ambitious and kind, driven and just plain goofy. We spend our time together playing games, talking about the OKC Thunder and Dragon Ball Z, and how much we are all going to miss each other next year.

They have found a special and permanent place in my heart, and I am in a bit of a panic mode that we only have 92 days left!

I never realized how much my students would mean to me when I went into this profession, but each year my family just gets bigger. I am blessed to do what I do everyday, and I plan on making each day with my kids a great day.





About Bobbi Gore

I am a high school English teacher at Santa Fe South charter school in Oklahoma City. I love incorporating technology into my classroom, and I am always willing to try something new with my students.
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