I have been spending a lot of time considering how to “gamify” my classroom, and I think I have come up with phase one.

Gamification is one of those buzz words that are going around now. Companies are gamifying shopping experiences. Classrooms are gamifying learning. I’m not much of a gamer myself
, so it’s difficult for me to think this will be a motivation. However, when I asked my students to design English class, many of the groups wanted to play games and add competition.Wordsmith

Phase one of my gamification will take place with badges. I’ve created several badges in Google Drawing in a matter of minutes. When my students earn a badge, they will add it to their Google Site. It will be a fun visual of what each student is doing in class.

Art Padawan

We will see how it goes. I know stickers are a great motivator, and these are basically online stickers.


About Bobbi Gore

I am a high school English teacher at Santa Fe South charter school in Oklahoma City. I love incorporating technology into my classroom, and I am always willing to try something new with my students.
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